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In Memory of John R. Chase, 1981 - 2006

"So how are you getting along Mr. Sweeney. I have a new job as well as school. I am working here at Bedford Digital doing everything you taught me. This is like a dream job. I do photography, design, web design, illustration and so on. I know you don't need me to tell you this but I feel it necessary. You have had the single biggest influence on my career and as a result my life. The things I learned at the Collegian from you have allowed me to be a successful designer and professional person. People don't tell their teachers this enough and I thought you should know." -Joseph Savitch

"Professor Thomas Sweeney is one of the best teachers I've had help me regarding my major. Up until he came to teach here I was not confident in my skills as a graphic designer and had doubts about my future. He has not only taught me the technical skills that I need but also pushed me to believe in myself and has reassured me that I have a natural talent to pursue a career in the graphic design field. He has easily made a world of a difference in my life both personally and professionally and I know for a fact that other students feel the same way I do. Even though I am graduating this year, I hope future students have the honor of having him as a great teacher but also as a great friend." -Emily Higgins

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