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Graphic Design

Logos, Print Publications, eBooks, eMags, Websites, Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosks, Computer-Based Presentations, Infographics, Technical, Scientific & Editorial Illustrations


Advertising, Architectural, Real Estate, Landscape, Travel, Environmental, Nature, Scientific, Educational, Photo-Editing, Post-Processing, Restoration & Archiving

Instructional Design

Design and Develop Engaging Online Course Content and Activities, Course Layout, Course Sequencing, Institutional Branded Course Templates, Instructional Videos

Bri Perkins

Briana Perkins
Instructional Designer
Springfield C

Thomas has a contagious sense of passion and dedication. He approaches everything he does with purpose, vision, intelligence, and a relentless perseverance.  He is an extremely talented creative force with a devotion to detail and his work speaks for itself. Thomas possesses a generosity of spirit. He will often make great sacrifices either in time or resources to ensure the success of others.

John Cipora

John Cipora
Associate Professor
Springfield College

Thomas Sweeney is as good at his job as it’s possible to be: he is technologically expert, totally collegial, and amazingly timely.  Having been a higher education faculty member affords him the capacity to fully understand the technologically-inflected challenges faced by college and university faculty and staff.

Carrie Hill

Carrie Hill
Executive Director Massachusetts Sheriffs’ Assoc.

Thomas, If I haven’t said it enough, THANK YOU for everything you have done with the website. It is a smash hit. The Sheriffs are thrilled and so am I.

Mike Abeid

Mike Abeid
The Red Barn Pizza

Mr. Sweeney’s efforts have helped me to successfully advertise and brand my business to attract new patrons and to communicate more effectively with them. He has a unique combination of technical abilities and artistic talents. His concepts and designs have always exceeded my expectations.

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Fine Art America Logo
Framed Print
Robert Aller

Robert Aller
Photographer, Educator

Bill Hughes

Bill Hughes
Owner/Photographer, BH Photography


Preston Rescigno

Preston Rescigno
Photo Editor/Image Consultant

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